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The Ocean ISO UltraLite liferaft utilizes carbon composite technology to achieve a significant weight reduction, compared to the traditional range of Ocean ISO liferafts. It also includes a high-tech inflation system to ensure an efficient inflation process.

The raft has been 3rd party approved to ISO9650 Type I Group A requirements by the Notified Body RINA. This liferaft offers the huge benefits of a lightweight solution for yacht designers but most importantly larger liferafts are now easier to handle and deploy.

Available in 6, 8, 10, and 12 person sizes

Approved for 3-year service.

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  • High visibility colours.
  • Superior boarding system.
  • Water ballast exceeds ISO requirements:
    • 4, 6 & 8 man = 4 x 75L = 300L
    • 10 & 12 man = 6 x 75L = 450L
  • Vacuum packing.
  • SOLAS Approved lithium lighting systems.
  • A self-erecting canopy fitted with high-density retro reflective tape for easy detection at night.
  • An internal ladder coupled with a boarding platform allows you to slide on board more easily.
  • Three independent buoyancy chambers (including arch).
  • Standard recommended service interval of 2 years.
  • Rainwater collector.
  • Observation and ventilation port.
  • Heavy duty drogue and line.
  • Pictorial instructions printed on the raft.
  • Designed, tested and made in the UK
  • Ration bags containing regulatory safety equipment such as: food rations, water provisions, signalling equipment etc.


Buoyancy – New high tenacity nylon coated PU in a sandwich construction, providing a greater wear resistance and a longer service life. – Highly visible yellow buoyancy for maximum visual impact.

Canopy – PU coated nylon for a longer life.


Buoyancy – Tubular construction ensuring only 2 internal seams are used, significantly reducing abrasive damage during use. – New inflation system tested to SOLAS standard.

Floor – Fully bonded floor allowing repairs during use whilst maintaining full insulation.

Cellular foam floor with aluminium coating

A particularly innovative sandwich design incorporates a cellular foam layer between a fabric base and aluminium film top layer. The layer of aluminium film reflects back natural body heat providing protection and insulation from the cold of the water. This system offers superior insulation, lighter weight and needs no inflation system to work compared to an old-fashioned inflatable floor which may be easily punctured.

Valise or canister?

Ocean Safety liferafts are available in either a valise or a canister. When possible, a canister is recommended to offer the best protection against wear and tear and the elements. A canister can be left on deck or mounted in the stern of a sailing yacht. A liferaft in a valise should be protected from the elements and care should be taken to keep it clear from sharp objects. It will need to be stowed in a location that permits it to be brought on deck quickly and easily.

Dimensions below are for liferafts packed with <24hr pack.
Liferaft Cannister <24hr packLiferaft Valise <24hr pack
SizeDimensons (cm)Weight (kg)Dimensons (cm)Weight (kg)
6 person80 x 52 x 282876 x 45 x 2625
8 person80 x 52 x 283576 x 45 x 2632.5
10 person80 x 52 x 323686 x 45 x 2733.5
12 person80 x 52 x 3639.586 x 45 x 2737

Several equipment packs are available

Emergency equipment<24hrs>24hrsN.S.C.V (Australian commercial)
Rescue line and quoit111
Safety Knife111
Drogue & Line111
Signalling Mirror111
Repair Kit Clamps111
Survival Instructions111
LED Torch /spare batteries111
Leak Stoppers Set111
Lighting Sytem222
Thermal protective aids TPA22
Plastic Bags1 / person1 / person1 / person
Distress Equipment
Red Hand Flares366
Para Distress Rockets222
Medical Equipment
First Aid Kit11
Seasickness Tablets6 / person6 / person6 / person
Survival Rations
Water 500ml1 / person3 / person3 / person
Food Rations 500gm1 / person1 / person

Warranty. Our products are designed to be of a high quality. That’s why we offer a 20 year warranty from the delivery date of your product against [faulty workmanship and materials, system and mechanical defects] provided you register the product with us. This does not affect your statutory rights at point of purchase. Register your product now.

Your warranty won’t cover. 

The warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear (including by way of example damaged containers, or damage from deployment), where there is evidence of product abuse or misuse, if the product has been used commercially or for business purposes, where damage has been caused by an act of god or a third party and if the product has not been used or maintained at an approved service station in accordance with and at the intervals described on the instructions we have provided you with.

We don’t cover the replacement of time-expired items (for example Lights, Water and Rations, Pyrotechnics, and gas cylinders which can reasonably be expected to be replaced during the lifespan of the product.) The minimum service interval for Ocean Safety Liferafts is every 2 years, and annually after 12 years.