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Jon Buoy Dan Buoy Combo

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Yachting Australia approved.

This combination of Danbuoy and Horseshoe conforms to the ISAF Offshore Special Regulations and is a natural extension of the original inflatable Jonbuoy Danbuoy. This easy-to-fit solution comes complete with a high impact casing, rail mounting cradle, inflatable danbuoy, inflatable horseshoe, drogue, whistle, and danbuoy light. An optional light can also be fitted to the horseshoe.
Incorporating a modified manual lifejacket operating system means the Dan Buoy will not inflate if moisture enters the unit accidentally, unlike some auto Dan Buoy systems. 

To operate you simply lift the shock cord over the module and throw the unit into the water. As the unit falls the lanyard attached to the cradle will fire the gas cylinder and inflate the Dan Buoy. The lanyard is designed to detach once the cylinder has fired.

After use, the Dan Buoy can be recovered, serviced, and repacked to use again.

The Dan buoy has a light on the top of the pole which automatically activates on inflation. A drogue is deployed when the unit inflates. A whistle is attached to the drogue line.

New for 2019, the danbuoy and horseshoe combination has undergone a transformation, now featuring a streamlined case design offering simple deployment and improved maneuverability.


  • Meets requirements of ISAF Offshore Special Regulations 
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Highly visible
  • Lightweight
  • Automatic inflation
  • 33g cylinder for the danbuoy
  • 38g cylinder for the horseshoe
  • Automatic Danbuoy light
Case Features:
  • Moulded handle
  • Universal bracket
  • Fits rails up to 30mm in diameter


  • 590 X 150 X 150
  • 3.9kg


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