Liferaft servicing

We offer same day service if required.* We pride ourselves on fast turnaround when your liferaft is due for service. Commercial vessels are not making money when tied up at the wharf. Simply give us a call and make a booking. *Conditions apply.

Servicing a liferaft leaves no place for amateur or improvised solutions. Servicing must be carried out at an authorized service station where atmospheric conditions such as ambient temperature, barometric pressure and relative humidity are monitored.

The service must be performed by qualified personnel who are regularly trained and follow strict factory procedures. These inspections are vital to keep your liferaft and the essential safety equipment it contains in good shape.

When servicing, we will:

  • Inspect the container/valise for external damage.
  • Open the container, unfold and inflate the liferaft.
  • Test the inflation system (gas cylinder, firing head, high pressure hoses, non-return valves etc.).
  • Visually inspect the liferaft and its fittings for corrosion, abrasion and deterioration.
  • Test the overpressure valves.
  • Test air retention of main buoyancy chambers and arch.
  • Inspect condition of equipment in emergency packs.
  • Change time expired emergency equipment as required or requested. 

It’s a good idea to ask the service station to show you the liferaft as it is taken from the valise or container for the inspection procedure. Then you can get to know your liferaft and its equipment

MarineSafe Australia is approved to carry out servicing on liferafts from the local cruising yacht through to SOLAS liferafts used on international shipping.