Viking SOLAS immersion suit

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Viking immersion suit

PS2014 is a neoprene suit which fulfills your basic immersion suit needs. The suit is made of highly flexible, high quality neoprene to ensure easy donning and great fit. The high quality neoprene also gives the product a longer lifespan. The suit has an extended zipper which gives the suit a better in-water performance and ensures quick donning. The extended zipper also provides more comfort for the user and minimizes water ingress. It is packed in a small bag for easy storage. The suit comes with semi-integrated neoprene gloves and fully integrated boots both with hook/loop intake. The yellow colour ensures high visibility for the user. The suit must be worn with a SOLAS approved lifejacket. All suits are produced inhouse according to stringent manufacturing requirements.

Outer material

  • Neoprene, 5 mm

Design features

  • Semi-integrated neoprene gloves
  • Fully integrated boots both with hook/loop intake
  • Extended zipper
  • Comes in a bag


  • Immersion suit, insulated
  • RMRS Russia

Colour options

  • High visibility yellow