What is an AIS beacon ?



An Automatic Identification System (AIS) is a small device designed to be carried by individuals and activated in the event of a man overboard situation.

With greater emphasis on personal safety, individuals are becoming acutely aware as to their own
safety whilst on board a vessel and the technologies that are available to them.
With that in mind, here’s a run through on AIS and how it can assist in a man overboard situation.

Ocean Signal AIS MOB1 beacon

How does it work?

  • The AIS unit is designed to be activated automatically upon inflation of your lifejacket.
  • Once the AIS unit has been activated an alert signal is raised within the locality, which is receivable by onboard AIS enabled devices; for example your own onboard chart plotter.
    It will alert your boat or those within a 5 mile range.
  • AIS technology is the most precise way of locating a MOB currently in existence.
  • Your best chance of survival is from your own boat.
  • The Ocean Signal MOB1 is also fitted with a GPS transponder, which transmits GPS coordinates, giving your crew your range and bearing to your precise location.
  • This unit WILL NOT alert rescue services
AIS operation

A lifejacket fitted with AIS is fully transportable onto other boats, as no registry is required. You can be assured whilst
sailing on a friend’s yacht, that you have your personal safety system with you.

Ocean SignalMOB1 AIS
Ocean Signal AIS on lifejacket