Ceredi Snap Davits for Inflatable Boats

Get on the water quicker with Ceredi Easy Lift Snap Davits
Suitable for lifting Inflatables and Ribs up to 55KG 
The system is simple yet highly effective
PVC Kit for PVC Boats
A kit comprises of 2 x sprung loaded davit fittings s/steel and plastic which secure to the bathing platform, 2 x PVC Pads with a stainless steel locating hook which are glued onto the Inflatable using a two-pack PVC adhesive. Once correctly positioned the sprung loaded davit fittings lock into the locating hook and then the tender is ready for lifting. This allows the Inflatable to be lifted into a vertical position 90 deg to the swim platform.
Two-pack PVC glue which is not supplied is required to bond pads to the inflatable.