Inflatable lifejacket servicing

Viking SOLAS lifejacket servicing
Viking SOLAS lifejacket on test
Inflatable lifejackets on test

Your lifejacket is an important piece of technical safety equipment.

Most inflatable lifejackets require servicing every 12 months. Some manufactures allow testing by the owner.

This should be stated on the lifejacket or the manufactures website.

Common problems found while servicing inflatable lifejackets

Most of these lifejackets would not have inflated when required.

Visit Queensland Maritime Safety website

The basic survey fee covers:

  • Bladder inflated and digitally tested for pressure loss.
  • Check inflatable bladder for abrasion and welds for failure.
  • Examine the gas cylinder to check the minimum weight and to check for corrosion.
  • Check the operating head, base cartridge on auto models, safety clip, and cylinder seat gaskets.
  • Check operation of the manifold non-return valve and check the seal, stud, and nut for damage.
  • Check oral tube at seal, bend, and shaft for damage, check dust cap is present, and check the operation of the non-return valve.
Inflatable lifejacket service tag
Lifejacket test tag
  • Check whistle is present and operational.
  • Examine the retro-reflective tape.
  • Examine buckles and closures for damageĀ 
  • Examine webbing and the security of stitching throughout including all bound edges for fraying.
  • Check the sea-light, sprayhood, and crotch strap if fitted.
  • Check the condition of the cover.
  • Lifejacket is tagged with the next service date.
  • Certificate printed.
Inflatable lifejacket digital testing
Inflatable lifejacket digital testing

Testing is normally carried out overnight but for a small surcharge, a priority test can be completed in two hours.

We are approved to service Viking, Spinlock, Baltic, KRU, Stormy, Ocean Safety, Burke, Hutchwilco Roaring Forties, and Axis.

There are several “brands” that are marketed by the major manufacturers so it is not always clear who is the manufacturer.