Liferaft equipment pack options

All of the liferafts we sell are designed to an international standard (ISO9650) and are tested with either a < or > 24hr equipment pack. Australian commercial coastal survey requires liferafts to have an equipment pack to N.S.C.V. (National Standards for Commercial Vessels)

Emergency equipment<24hrs>24hrsN.S.C.V (Australian commercial)
Rescue line and quoit111
Safety Knife111
Drogue & Line111
Signalling Mirror111
Repair Kit Clamps111
Survival Instructions111
LED Torch /spare batteries111
Leak Stoppers Set111
Lighting Sytem222
Thermal protective aids TPA22
Plastic Bags1 / person1 / person1 / person
Distress Equipment
Red Hand Flares366
Para Distress Rockets222
Medical Equipment
First Aid Kit11
Seasickness Tablets6 / person6 / person6 / person
Survival Rations
Water 500ml1 / person3 / person3 / person
Food Rations 500gm1 / person1 / person

Extra equipment can be added to <24 pack ie. EPIRB, prescription medicines, flares, or reading glasses. If added to the >24hr pack a grab bag may be required.