Liferaft stainless steel cradle

Deck mount or rail mounting:

Fully adjustable universal liferaft cradle that fits most makes of 4, 6, & 8 person  liferafts. The standard universal cradle can be mounted either vertically or horizontally on the pushpit, and the vertical cradle is ideal for the transom. When installing any cradle additional supports may be required and this must be assessed at point of installation. Supplied with a standard fitting kit. Through deck mounting screws / bolts are not supplied as deck thickness varies from vessel to vessel.

The cradle is pictured with the optional webbing strap. This innovative webbing kit is fully adjustable and gives a quick release solution in the form of a stainless steel snap shackle.
At the same time, it provides the basis for hydrostatic release integration with the standard universal cradle and vertical/deck mount cradle.

When deciding on where and how to stow your liferaft, the following key points need to be remebered:

  1. Start by accepting that one day you might actually need to use your liferaft and in that instance all your earlier thoughts about it being heavy, unsightly and a general nuisance will be the last thing you consider.
  2. Assume that the raft is going to be deployed by the weakest members of your crew.
  3. Assume that you will need to deploy your liferaft rapidly.
  4. If you are going to mount your raft on the deck ensure that the cradle is strong enough to contain the raft in heavy weather with solid water moving over the deck.
  5. If your liferaft is stowed on the coach roof or somewhere similar, think about the plan for moving it to the deck edge in a heavy sea with the yacht moving wildly. Carrying liferafts, especially anything above an 8 person is difficult at the best of times so consider the risks of doing it on a pitching deck.
  6.  If the cradle for the liferaft is either fixed to or is part of your pushpit, consider the additional loads this will place on the pushpit tubes and the fastenings to the deck. Think about additional bracing legs.