Lifebuoy light

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LNK-LB-01B Lonako lifebuoy light is suitable to be installed on all kinds of lifebuoys. It meets the latest SOLAS regulations and has been given MED approval.

It is activated by water sensors and a gravity switch. When the light attached with lifebuoy is thrown into the water, it will activate automatically to output flashing white light as soon as the head of light is upright and water sensors contact with water at the same time. The light signal can be seen from at least 2km distance in 360° so that it can indicate the exact position of lifebuoy for the rescuer. The light will be turned off automatically when taken from the water.

The exposed materials are anti-UV and corrosion-resistant. The whole light has a compact structure and advanced buoyancy so that the head of light can always float over the water surface. Protective caps over the water sensors prevent the light from operating by mistake in rain or bad weather. The mounting bracket makes mounting the light easily and holds the unit firmly in place.


·Chromaticity: White

·Battery: Lithium battery

·Function: Flashing type

·Flash Frequency: 50~70times/min

·Luminous Intensity: ≥2.0cd

·Operation Life: ≧14h over 2.0cd

·Working Temperature: -1℃ ~ +30℃

·Storing Temperature: -30℃ ~ +65℃

·Expiry Date: 5 years