Railblazer C-Tug Dinghy Wheels


– Lightweight

– Easily Removable.

C-TUG Dinghy Wheels are a lightweight and rugged option for transporting your dinghy up the beach, or down the boat ramp, avoiding having to carry the heavy load. Ideally suited for inflatable boat tenders or small lightweight aluminium boats.

What You Get

  • 10 inch puncture free wheels
  • Lightweight 4kg (9lbs) per pair
  • Supplied with stainless steel fasteners and axles
  • For use on boats up to 3.6m (12ft )
  • For use with outboards up to 15HP (2 stroke)or 9.9 HP (4 stroke)
  • Recommended working load up to 100kg (220lbs)
  • Recommended maximum static load 120kg (260lbs)(Load rating varies on different surfaces)
  • May not suit all transom configurations

Construction Materials

– UV stabilised fibreglass reinforced plastic
– Stainless steel axles & fasteners 
– UV stabilised TPE Rubber

Zodiac liferaft training

Coastguard liferaft training

A recent staff training day held by Australian Volunteer Coastguard Redland Bay. The Zodiac training liferaft is the same model stowed in the white containers which can be seen on the stern canopy. We have just completed the service of the two liferafts and fourteen lifejackets for the vessel CG7. As usual the equipment was serviced and ready for return in 24hrs thanks to the great work of our staff here at Marinesafe.

All new Jon Buoy Dan Buoy for 2019

Ocean Safety’s Jonbuoy man overboard recovery danbuoy and horseshoe range has long been a top seller for leisure sailors and boaters from coastal sailing to round the world yacht racing.  Now, for 2019, the compact casing that houses the four Jonbuoy options has been completely transformed to a new streamlined design.

An easy-grab handle is moulded into the top of the casing while the aesthetics of the slimline profile bring the styling right into the twenty-first century.  The Jonbuoys are easier to grab and launch in an emergency, lightweight, and will look stylish and slick on any transom. 

They are the Jonbuoy Danbuoy and the Jonbuoy Danbuoy and Horseshoe combo. 

The tough ABS shell casing will withstand intense UV fatigue and the extreme ocean conditions to which it is constantly exposed, mounted on a bracket in the transom area. The mounting bracket is very easy to fit, and the convenience of being universal across all the products will please both retailers and end users alike. All four models can be mounted vertically, horizontally and on a bulkhead.  For high tech vessels a carbon effect casing is also available.

Inside the new casing the recovery items are just as they were before so users will be familiar with the tried and tested products just as before. A pull-down instruction ‘tag’ is easy to access from the base of the product.