Zodiac inflatable boat spares

Zodiac boat safety handle

Handle safety

Handle fitted to strap om Cadet models

Zodiac inflatable boat aors

Zodiac boat oar

For Cadet range of tenders

Zodiac boat jubilee rowlock

Rowlock Jubilee Z67502

New style rowlock with locking ring. Stainless steel oarlock pin.

Zodiac boat oar retainer

Oar retainer clip Z2815

Oar retaining clip for Zodiac boat 2mtr - 3.4mtr

Zodiac boat valve insert

Valve support recessed Z60055

Push and twist valve. Used in recessed valves pre 2010

Zodiac boat Delrin vale

Delrin valve Z2847

Valve used in keels and inflatable floors. Cadet boats.

Zodiac boat Delrin valve cap

Delrin valve cap Z2846

Valve used in keels and inflatable floors. Cadet boats.

Zodaic boat diaphragm for lever drain

Lever drain valve diaphragm Z60501

Used in lever action drain. Cadet boats.

Zodiac boat drain diaphram

Drain diaphragm (old style) Z2204

Used on Cadet boats pre 2004. Normally has a rubber bung to close drain.

PVC fabric patches


Patches for minor repairs of PVC boats. We also stock hypalon fabric for repair of rubber boats.

Zodiac boat repair adhesive

Adhesive for repairs

Available for both PVC fabric and neoprene (Hypalon)