Active inflatable launching wheels

With the optional launching wheels fitted the inflatable boat can be easily moved to the water. The Active wheels have a load capacity of up to 120kg each so the boat can be manouvered quite easily with the outboard fitted.

Simply lock the wheels in the down position, fit your outboard and using the handle under the bow wheel the boat into the water.

When the boat is deep enough to be floating rotate the wheels to the up position and climb aboard.

The wheels are designed to be permanently bolted to the transom. They are constructed from lightweight materials which are resistant to corrosion

Because of their width they work well on most surfaces. With the wheels fitted the boat is still able to be folded up.

Small inflatable launching wheels

Designed for smaller tenders (2.6mtr and below) with a total weight including outboard of 113kg

Wheels are permantely bolted to the transom. A simple locking mechanism keeps the wheels up or down.