Inflatable Boat Repairs.



 MarineSafe Australia have carried out repairs on inflatable boats for over 25 years. Our fully trained staff have experience in all
types of inflatable boat repairs from minor punctures to complete tube replacement. 

We stock a range of inflatable boat spares including two pack adhesive, oars, valves, pumps, repair kits and accessories.

We are happy to advise you on all aspects of maintenance for your inflatable. Minor punctures can be successfully repaired by the owner using the kit supplied with the boat. We recommend more extensive damage be repaired by a qualified serviceman.



We specialize in repairs to small inflatables. Being Zodiac repair agents for many years we have the knowledge required to repair your inflatable. Zodiac have used Thermobonding to assemble their inflatables for over forty years. The floor on the Cadet range of roll-up boats was attached to the buoyancy tubes and lower transom with adhesive.

This changed around 2005 and then the only section attached with adhesive was the floor to the lower transom. If your Zodiac is leaking water then it is time to have the floor re-adhered. This is a minor repair and if not remedied may allow water to enter the lower transom and rot the plywood.





If you own a large Zodiac rib (over 4mtrs) make sure you regularly inspect the attachment strip for the buoyancy tubes to fibreglass hull (bolt rope). See photo below of failure. The airholding seams are Thermobonded but the attachment strip is attached with adhesive. 

We have re-adhered many bolt ropes and this can be completed in a few days.

We only use top quality Bostik two pack adhesives for all of our repairs. Some cheaper adhesives are not designed for our tropical climate.