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Aurora Master 2 ply floor inflatable

Available in models 360, 400

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The European designed and built “Master” is the answer for those who need a rugged boat that is collapsible and easy to transport, as the floorboards are easily removable. With their inflatable keels & extremely rigid continuous marine-ply floors, “Master” are representative of the immense pride and care we invest in Aurora boats.

These boats have phenomenal stability, and extreme long-life expectancy in the most difficult and demanding conditions and are a tribute to our design team. Despite their large size, these boats really perform; they can handle high engine powers with ease. They feature an accessory bag in the boat’s nose, which is removable, and made from water-repelling fabric. As with all Aurora boats, the Thermobonded tubes easily deal with high temperatures. These boats make you the “Master” of the sea.