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Aurora inflatable tenders

Aurora tenders are manufactured from welded PVC.

Choose your model below.

Aurora Travel 220, 240 & 260

Aurora Travel incorporates a light weight slat floor.This design helps reduce the weight and is designed to be low maintenance. No dismantling required when it comes time to deflate and roll up your tender .....more

 Aurora airfloor 220, 240, 260, 280 & 330

Aurora Inflatables presents a range of superior air floor Inflatables. The Aurora Air Inflatable boat, range consists of light, robust and compact inflatables, specially designed to be completely collapsible  ....more

 Aurora Master ply floor 220, 240, 260, 280 & 330

With their inflatable keels & extremely rigid continuous marine-ply floors, “Master” are representative of the immense pride and care we invest in Aurora boats ....more


Aurora Master 2 360

Ideal fishing or dive boat. Plywood panel floor with inflatable keel. Can be dismantled and stored in supplied bag  .....more


Aurora light 260 & 290 Ribs

The Aurora light weight RIB range, is a purpose designed light weight tender with the emphasis on light ....more