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AB Ventus fiberglass hull RIBs

Rib tender available in models 8VL, 9VL, 10VL and 12VL

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A lightweight fiberglass tender


When every added kilo means a reduction in boat speed—or an aching back—the Ventus is the perfect lightweight tender. This full length, fiberglass deep-V RIB is ideal for sailors and cruising passagemakers. It's easily hauled onto a deck or davits, and can likewise be quickly pulled up on a sandy beach for shore excursions.

Whether zipping to the marina for a bag of ice or hosting a fun fishing trip, the Ventus packs a lot of boat into a small, light package. And, with seating for up to six adults, there's plenty of room for family and friends to enjoy a day on the water.

The Ventus is a real performer. It requires very little horsepower to achieve astonishing speeds, without any loss to handling. With a deeper freeboard, the Ventus has a spacious interior; it also ensures an enjoyable, stable and dry ride. Its integrated non-skid deck material makes boarding safe and confident.

The durability of this RIB is unmatched. For unsurpassed safety, we designed the Ventus with an additional air chamber built into the hull. Offering the perfect combination of reliability, performance, comfort and style, the Ventus is ready for any need.

Key Features

  • Lightweight fiberglass tender
  • Ideal sailboat tender
  • Easily towed and lifted
  • Spacious interior with deeper freeboard
  • Full-length deep “V” keel
  • Special rubber non-skid material