Zodiac Open Sea ISO 9650-1 liferaft

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All new Zodiac liferafts now approved for 2 year service.

We pride ourselves on fast turnaround when your liferaft is due for service.

Commercial vessels are not making money when tied up at the wharf.

We offer same day service if required.* Simply give us a call and make a booking.

*Conditions apply.

Specifically designed for offshore use, the Zodiac T1A Open Sea liferafts meet the requirements of:

  • ISO 9650-1 International Standards Organisation
  • NSCV. National Standards for Commercial vessels (Replaces USL)
  • ISAF. International Sailing Federation

Available in 4, 6, 8 and 10 person sizes

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  • An internal ladder coupled with a boarding platform allow you to slide on board more easily.
  • A self-erecting canopy fitted with high-density retro reflective tape for easy detection at night.
  • Internal and external high intensity lithium powered lighting systems that illuminate on contact with water.
  • High visibility colours.
  • Heavy duty drogue and line.
  • Rainwater collection complete with graduated storage bag.
  • Observation and ventilation ports.
  • Three independent buoyancy chambers (including arch).
  • Large capacity lead-ballasted stabiliser pockets to maximise stability in extreme sea conditions.
  • An aluminium lined composite cellular foam floor that retains and throws back natural body heat to insulate against the cold and provide protection against hypothermia.
  • Ration bags containing regulatory safety equipment such as: food rations, water provisions, signalling equipment etc.

100% bonded PVC

All Zodiac leisure liferafts are now manufactured from of 100% bonded PVC fabric, based on Zodiac® Thermobonding™ and high-frequency technology, the Open Sea is both resistant and very visible.

Unique buoyancy construction:

The buoyancy tubes are constructed of one continuous material to avoid separation and stop ingress of water. This is a common problem with the manufacturing process normally used of glueing one tube on top of another. A continuous band of webbing between the chambers envelopes the complete circumference for secure attachment of drogue, painter and lifeline.

Vacuum packing technology

More than 25 years ago Zodiac developed the system of vacuum packing the liferaft in a partially evacuated plastic pocket. This keeps the life raft at a constant level of humidity and protects it from damaging changes of the environment and the corrosive, salty atmosphere. A long life expectancy and increased protection of the vital safety equipment packed in the life raft are direct benefits of this system.

Cellular foam floor with aluminium coating

A particularly innovative sandwich design incorporates a cellular foam layer between a fabric base and aluminium film top layer. The layer of aluminium film reflects back natural body heat providing protection and insulation from the cold of the water. This system offers superior insulation, lighter weight and needs no inflation system to work compared to an old-fashioned inflatable floor which may be easily punctured.

Valise or canister?

Zodiac liferafts are available in either a valise or a canister. When possible, a canister is recommended to offer the best protection against wear and tear and the elements. A canister can be left on deck or mounted in the stern of a sailing yacht. A liferaft in a valise should be protected from the elements and care should be taken to keep it clear from sharp objects. It will need to be stowed in a location that permits it to be brought on deck quickly and easily.

Dimensions below are for liferafts packed with <24hr pack.

 Liferaft Cannister <24hr pack Liferaft Valise <24hr pack 
SizeDimensons (cm)Weight (kg)Dimensons (cm)Weight (kg)
4 person770 x 500 x 29040700 x 450 x 26039
6 person800 x 530 x 30049800 x 480 x 30047
8 person890 x 530 x 33062
10 person900 x 540 x 360
Emergency equipment<24hrs>24hrs
Rescue line and quoit11
Safety Knife11
Drogue & Line11
Signalling Mirror11
Repair Kit Clamps11
Survival Instructions11
LED Torch /spare batteries11
Leak Stoppers Set11
Lighting Sytem22
Thermal protective aids (TPA’s)2
Plastic Bags1 / person1 / person
Distress Equipment
Red Hand Flares36
Para Distress Rockets22
Medical Equipment
First Aid Kit1
Seascikness Tablets6 / person6 / person
Survival Rations
Water 500ml23 / person
Rations1 / person